Royal Imex
Royal Imex, the largest hair company in the States and Worldwide, is highly recognized as the company that distributes the best quality hair products to the market. Royal Imex is the creator of the popular texture Yaky. Royal Imex provides a full selection of 100% Human, Protein and Synthetic hair wigs, weaves, hairpieces, braids and extensions. With over 150 vibrant colors, rich textures and trendy styles, many well-known hairstylists around the world have selected our company as number one for many years.

Royal Imex captured worldwide attention with our top selling brands: Zury, Rodeo, Hollywood and Hollywood Professional. We created and introduced a new natural-looking hair style of beauty with Zury Micro Yaky, Zury Ultra Yaky, Hollywood Hi Yaky and Hollywood Professional Pro Yaky. Our collections are the most sold brands in hair product history. As the largest hair company, we have relationships with over 3,000 retailers around the country; therefore, you can buy our products everywhere no matter where you live. In pursuit of the best natural color, we own "Natural Beauty Color" Technology which enables us to meet our consumers color selection criteria. We will continue to produce innovative new styles that provide versatility and exceed the expectations of our customer
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